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A D-box (also called Set Top Box), is at the customer between television and cable or satellite connected and converts the digital television or radio in a visible or audible signal. The D-Box offers, in contrast to a normal receiver can decrypt locked channels via SmartCard. The smart card you get either from the cable operator or satellite digital television from Sky (formerly Premiere).

Depending on the version of the D-box, customers can come here with many benefits of digital television. Good as new devices offer the possibility, for example the current TV to stop wind in a currently running program back or record television programs to an integrated hard drive. Also, almost all D-boxes, an electronic program guide (EPG short) is on the TV the next few days are available. It replaces the printed television guide in full. What is D-Box for their own TV at the best, you should check carefully in advance. Important consideration if the HD (high definition television resolution is =) want to be received or not. If so, it is necessary that the receiver has an HD connection. Is this not the case, may be had to the lower D-boxes.

It is also important to consider in advance exactly how much television and radio stations can be received. Not all D-Box has enough memory for all television or radio station. It is appropriate in each case a comparison of multiple devices to be able to decide which D-box meets the needs the most. They also ask their expert on the spot under the current appliances.

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